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The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide an individual (data subject) with information about the purpose of data processing, the amount, protection and security of processing an individual’s data, as well as provide other information about data processing.

Personal data

Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Privacy Policy Application privacy policy applies to the processing of personal data, regardless of the form (form) an individual provides his data (or a third person provides his data in accordance with legislation / power of attorney / consent): on paper, in electronic form, website, online store, store, etc.

Basic information

Purpose of processing personal data: conclusion of a contract for the purchase of goods / services, delivery of goods, administration of settlements, fulfillment of warranty obligations.


Legal address: Dzeņu iela 8 - telpa76 Riga

Legal background: legitimate interests of

Data transfer to third countries: does not occur

Recipients of data: controller, controller operator and competent (human rights) government agencies, partners and organizations (third-party companies) that provide services, organizations that administer databases, cloud storage services, accounting services, as well as lawyers, lawyers, operators, etc. . d.

Data Protection Specialist: [email protected]

Personal data processing and legal justification

The processing of personal data is carried out in order to realize the goals described in this privacy policy, including the legitimate interests of (commercial activity), to fulfill the requirements of regulatory enactments regarding receipt, processing, storage, transfer, etc. personal data of individuals, as well as to fulfill the requirements of regulatory acts governing consumer rights.

The storage period for personal data depends on the period specified in the regulatory enactment or the period specified in the contract or the regulated period of Personal data is not stored for longer than necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, while respecting the legitimate interests of Upon the occurrence of a condition where the storage of personal data is no longer required, personal data is deleted.

Specialized and secure programs are used to store personal data in order to ensure the safe storage and processing of personal data using antivirus programs ("firewalls") and other technical solutions. Personal data is protected by access systems and special programs.

Personal data storage

Personal data is not transferred to third countries (countries that are not members of the ES and / or EEZ).

Personal data can be transferred to partners (including companies providing third-party services), service providers (operators) and authorized legal entities and individuals (lawyers, lawyers). Data transfer is safe using secure programs and technologies. Personal data is transferred only to the extent necessary to fulfill the legal and legitimate interests of

Sending commercial offers and promotional materials

Commercial offers are sent to those recipients / individuals who have agreed to receive commercial offers (advertising materials) from Information about the refusal to receive promotional materials is indicated in the advertising email. You can also refuse to receive promotional materials by writing to e-mail - [email protected]

Protection of personal information

The protection of personal data is carried out in accordance with relevant regulations (regulations, laws, rules) in the field of personal data processing.

Access to your personal data

An individual can access his personal data on the basis of a written application, observing the requirements of regulatory acts governing personal data, as well as the regulations governing the acceptance and consideration of applications by sending an application (by mail: Dzeņu iela 8 - telpa76, Riga, Latvija, by email: [email protected]).

When submitting an application, an individual must identify himself / herself to the extent necessary so that can verify that the person requesting the data is the person whose data is requested (the person requests his data). Only in this case will provide the person with all the available data and other information prescribed by law.

Right to withdraw consent

An individual has the right to withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data.

The refusal is filed in the same form as the consent given to the processing of personal data.

In any case, an individual can send his refusal to process personal data to